Project America is a non-partisan organization devoted to providing an online resource to help people understand the state of issues facing this country. By providing easy access to information without bias or partisanship, we deliver the tools in which to understand the state of issues important to our lives.

We take the most up-to-date information from governmental and non-governmental sources and provide a visual picture that easily conveys the issue’s course over time.

Project America does not cover policy, politics, politicians, or projections.  We present only the issues – only those that can be measured, only historical data – and work diligently to maintain non-partisanship.

Project America hopes that this information web site will inspire a common dialogue to further the common good of us all.  Project America seeks to strengthen the voice of citizens in influencing the political agenda, reduce misrepresentation of incumbent track records, and weaken the corrosive persuasion of special interests.

With news media no longer perceived to be an unbiased watchdog, gerrymandering encouraging the success of more ideological candidates, and special interest groups gaining increasing influence over political agendas and policy decisions, a common dialogue becomes more difficult.

Some fear, with nothing to share as a people, the result is a society where people increasingly see their own well being as the central issue of democracy, rather than the common good.  As a result, minority views are increasingly unheard.

We all share universal objectives: the safety of our nation and its people, financial security for all, and the elimination of disease and ignorance.  Only common issues that cut across political parties can break the cycle of separation.

Project America encourages bi-partisan cooperation through the agreement of common goals, illustrating declining trends and bringing to light best practices by highlighting positive effects of successful policies. A fact-based database, such as Project America, allows citizens to have a greater voice in the agenda of policymakers by providing them the information needed to support their communications to elected officials.

Only empowered citizens, making informed decisions, can weaken the corrosive influence of special interests, money, and partisan media on our political system.

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